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The Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization (ZDVO) Beit Halochem Australia’s  number one priority is to support the care and rehabilitation of Israel’s 50,000 injured soldiers, victims of terror and their families by raising awareness and much needed funds.


Since the tragic massacre of 7th October and the subsequent war against Hamas, 6,213 members of Israel’s security forces have been wounded including IDF soldiers, reservists, police and rapid response members. 1,850 of the newly wounded have been officially recognised as Zahal disabled veterans. There are 3 call centres now operating reaching out and supporting existing members as well as the newly injured. A ZDVO Patrol team visits the wounded in hospitals, shelters and homes across the country to lend physical and emotional support.

As the war in Israel continues, the list of members joining Beit Halochem is sadly growing as is the necessity to meet the needs of the wounded as they are discharged from hospitals. Already, over 100 newly wounded veterans have registered to join the various Beit Halochem centres, growing to 500 in the coming weeks with an expectation in the thousands within the next year. Vital to their rehabilitation, comprehensive services will be offered including PTSD programs, personalised psychological rehab, physio and hydro therapy treatment, individualised equipment including wheelchairs, treatment beds, adaptive devices and specialised fitness equipment.

As a result, the monthly cost for a new member is AUD$470 i.e $5,640 per year. ZDVO remains steadfast in guaranteeing that every injured soldier receives the essential support and aid for their recovery and rehabilitation. As a consequence ZDVO’s budget and fundraising goals will increase by 40% in 2024.

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