Brian Michaels

My Journey

3 years ago, at 50 years old, I ran my first marathon, a goal I’ve had since my late 30’s but then life got in the way. I soon became addicted and completed a few more, however, with a bit of Comrades envy on the side, I was itching for a new challenge. I registered and started training for the biggest sporting event of my life made possible due to the amazing support of my family, friends and ultimately the running crew who have provided incredible guidance, company and motivation.

With only days to the big event on 9th June, the excitement is building. I am running for the challenge and the enjoyment as well as an excuse to go back to see my Mum and Dad.

I recently attended a ZDVO Beit Halochem event in Melbourne and had the honour to hear the heartbreaking, courageous stories from two of Israel’s brave soldiers who were injured on October 7th. Their personal accounts left me with the feeling of, “I can do more” to help the thousands of amazing men and women get the necessary rehabilitation they need to regain their quality of life. The brave wounded members of Beit Halochem which literally means, the House of Warriors, have sacrificed so much for the State of Israel and the Jewish People.

Beit Halochem is a second home for its 54,000 members and is a safe place where the injured and their families receive the highest level of treatment and share a unique bond with each other without being judged. Sadly, due to this current horrific war, up to 20,000 newly wounded are expected to join the Beit Halochem family.

I feel strongly that we must do all we can to help our brave injured soldiers which is why I am dedicating my comrades ultra marathon in their honour to show we care and how proud we are of them. I am raising funds through friends, family and running crews to give these inspirational soldiers a second chance to achieve their goals.

My target is to fund a tennis wheelchair. Having seen the outstanding performances of wheelchair tennis players at the Australian Open and the physical and emotional benefits this sport provides, I am confident of reaching this goal. We are well aware of the positive benefits sport provides and how we improve our connections and support amongst each other.
Huge thanks to all of you who have provided me with the motivation to keep up the training and have joined me on many runs along the way.

All donations to ZDVO Beit Halochem Australia are tax deductible

$11,250 raised so far –
goal $10,000
Woo hoo, we did it!!!

“Amazing Journey, a great cause. Best of luck for the Comrades Race”

Donation to ZDVO - Brian Michael

Donation to ZDVO - Brian Michael

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